3653,33 HUF + ÁFA

The HEATPEX ARIA distribution box is connected directly to the HRV unit. It is responsible for the supply of fresh air to or the extraction of dirty air from different rooms in a building.
The distribution box is made of a high quality polypropylene resistant to contamination.

  • A modular structure allows to customise the box to the air flow requirements
  • 10 pipe sockets in the standard configuration
  • Designed to be connected to the main central connector or the main side connector
  • Can be extended by connecting additional distribution boxes using the horizontal or vertical couplings

The distribution box contains the following parts*):

  • Main body with 4 sockets – 1 piece
  • 3 x 75 module with gasket for the oval slot – 2 pieces
  • Cover with a gasket – 2 pieces
  • Pipe fixing rings – 10 pieces
  • End plug with gasket – 10 pieces

*) The distribution box is supplied as a factory-assembled unit.